Start 100 dating and relationship tips from marius panzarella

100 dating and relationship tips from marius panzarella

"Success in attaining your goals in life and relationships begins with knowledge.

) selection of tips and techniques to the basic philosophy and psychological foundation of each of the respective systems of these seduction masters.

As if that wasn’t enough, the bonuses that come with the Instant Attraction Program are what you would expect from a product put together by Simon Heong and given the size and scope of the “Instant Attraction Program”.

But now that I've gone through the whole package and also read all the tips from all the other authors, I can whole-heartedly recommend it to both my own customers and really to anyone interested in either quickly getting into the game of successfully attracting women or increasing their already existing competence way beyond their wildest dreams.

Worst still, some unlucky, ‘mis-informed’ guys even go to the extent of forking out obscene amounts of money trying to show how “sincere” they are by buying women presents, bringing them to classy joints, etc only to HOPE to "get lucky".

The “Instant Attraction Program” What I found particularly useful was how the information (all 430 pages of it) is laid out in bite sized pieces allowing the reader to take what is immediately applicable to their situation and use it immediately.

All aspects of attraction and seduction are covered from a massive (and I mean MASSIVE!!!

Being a publisher of these guides myself I know how hard it is do come by anything that is truly helpful to the average Joe.

It's clear we both share a common desire to help males everywhere improve their lives in the dating and romancing arena.

"Hey Simon, David Kwan here and I just wanted to send you a quick email about how impressed I am with your Instant Attraction Program.

It's practically unimaginable thinking of all the complexities you had to go through just to get a world class seduction guru to reveal all his advance dating strategies he's worked so hard to refine -- and now I'm seeing you managed to get a group of 11 of them to reveal ALL their secrets at the same time. Honestly, with the sheer voluptuous size of information you managed to pack into this entire program -- each gave an entirely unique perspective to how seduction & attraction is actually done in the real world...

That is, If you want to become an ‘expert’ with handling women, you just have to MODEL after guys who are ALREADY good at attracting women, who are already achieving the kinds of success you want with women, and that’s it!