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It wasn't easy to bat, plus the bowling attack was quality as well. Didn't come off in Chennai, so it didn't look nice.

We knew if we don't take wickets it would be difficult.

Two young spinners bowling with a lot of heart, speaks volumes about their characters.

Really augurs well for us how the team is shaping up.

While the testimony of ancient trade in EB is a difficult topic to unravel, the potential copper sources involved in producing EB pigments of the few investigated archaeological artefacts suggests that a few (EB) pigment workshops/production centres were highly actively trading raw materials and/or manufactured EB pigments with several different Mediterranean civilizations.

Many EB pigment producing workshops and distribution sites may have existed throughout the Mediterranean facilitating a highly complex and diverse network of trade in this widely distributed ancient pigment.

I always try to create that kind of motivation for myself.

Sometimes things don't come off for you but I try and stay in the same zone.

Instead, we propose that copper sourced from various European (Aegean, Balkan, Iberian, Central European) deposits potentially supplied the production of the studied EB pigments.