Start Abusers intimidating animals

Abusers intimidating animals

Drug abuse can have negative ramifications as well and when combined with unstable behavior can be a volatile mixture.

While they may not be stabbing them constantly like they did in training, it’s the fear of being stabbed that’s used to motivate them to work. If an elephant camp in Southeast Asia is claiming to be “responsible” with its animals, you should still be skeptical.

Remember the process used to train them is often the same, even if they’re treated with kindness now. Did you know that riding elephants can actually cause serious long-term harm too?

It’s our demand for elephant rides and circus acts that lead to more baby elephants getting captured from their mothers, tortured, and sold off to entertain us.

Whether you ride elephants in Thailand or not is your choice.

You won’t find any elephant rides at Elephant Nature Park though. This is because the elephants here have been rescued from such places. Experts believe there are now less than 2000 wild elephants living in Thailand.

The population is declining at a rapid rate due to loss of habitat.

They chat with friends and family members by chirping and trumpeting back and forth.

You have a greater appreciation for how intelligent and social they really are.

Their spines are not made to support the weight of humans.

I know it’s hard to believe given their size, but Zebras are the same way.

The park currently cares for 36 elephants on 250 acres of wilderness. I was able to feed them fresh fruit out of the palm of my hand, watch them play in the mud, go on walks with them, and even get into the river to help give them a bath!