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The citizens could only look on in horror as the Fire Nation military seized control of the city.

By the end of the spring of 100 AG, however, Ba Sing Se had fallen into the hands of the Fire Nation through an internal coup d'état led by Princess Azula, who allied with the Dai Li and subsequently had them destroy a portion of the city's wall to allow her troops to enter.

As the capital of the Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se is home to the earth monarch, ruler of the Earth Kingdom.

However, for a period of time after the death of the 51st Earth King, true power belonged to the city's Grand Secretariat, Long Feng.

Azula allowed her group's true identity to be uncovered by the Dai Li, who forcefully took her to speak with Long Feng.

The two allied with each other in order to stage a coup against the Earth King and the Council of Five.

The crystals currently serve as a common light source for Earth Kingdom inhabitants.

Eventually, as the metropolis' expansion reached the surface, the catacombs were abandoned.

The city is by far the largest in the World of Avatar, essentially being more of a small country than a mere city.