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Bemymatch dating

Once those two things are covered, the sky’s the limit in terms of who we bring to paradise. Things started to escalate and Prosper started to come at me, but fortunately cooler heads prevailed.

That’s like asking if a parent has a favorite kid—the answer is yes. Tori [from season four] was really authentic and genuine.

In the house, there are no computers, no phones, no pens and paper.

If they’re gonna work out strategy, they’re gonna work it out together.

It’s heartbreaking when you’re rooting for one couple and find out it’s not meant to be.

On the contrary, you feel a sense of relief when a toxic couple learns they’re not a match.

They’re looking for love primarily, and if you do it right you can win love & money.

It’s a true experiment, where the audience is really seeing if the contestants can find the same results that the matchmakers found.

I’m proud of the casts we’ve brought together over the years, and the increased diversity of season 5 is great to see.