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Brucelanthier dating

My dad would let little bucks go he had already shot the little bucks. Its isn't about that, at least for me and the people I hunt with.

I could have applied for the other date which allowed 1 "any" and 1 doe.

This year i have no plans for a buck even on private land.

I am not saying that I am right, None of us are, But in my opinion. My grand father has racks that sit in a box in the back room of my parents basement. For that I am grateful, my grand father is still with us at 95 and although his short term memories are fading, his long term is sharp as a tack. Pennsylvania in the early 2000s put antler restrictions in place and increased doe permits.

If there is the biggest buck I have ever laid eyes on in front of me and a doe. If I have already harvested a buck that size I am smoking the doe. The only thing they are good for is they intrigue my step son and son. So they ask about all of his" trophies" and he tells them stories. It was very controversial, especially with hunters who saw fewer deer.

It is not really that hard to determine an older doe from a younger one here in MD.

I also wait to see if there are fawns but usually the fawns are not too cautious and their movement gives them away first.

They hunted together ever since my parents started dating. My grand father would say "its a buck shoot it, no matter what size the horns are".

I assume that comes from the 1930s mentality of when he started hunting.

They examined 4% of the deer taken (95,863) and that doesn't count the ones that never make it to the butcher shop.

I process my own deer as does my neighbor and many others.

I do love to eat venison, but I certainly don't need the extra meat to survive.