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Carlos Gaete Cárdenas, Sales Manager, Metrica Ltda.

Alexey Gorbov, General Director, NEWTECH, Kazakhstan “After working with Gamatronic for the past 5 years, we can assure that Gamatronic’s UPS systems are extremely reliable and advanced.

The modularity, scalability and redundancy are ideal for supporting…

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For this reason, Gamatronic’s UPS systems are consistently selected for use in demanding industries, such as the military, aviation, maritime and medical sectors, along with many others.

You can easily access and explore information about these solutions on our homepage.

Kenya “Gamatronic Electronic Industries Ltd – Is One of the leading manufacturers of integrated power systems in the world.

The company founded in 1970, offers both quality and affordable equipment such…

Gamatronic specializes in the design and production of power systems for a wide range of uses.

Products are based on true on-line technologies and meet the highest and strictest standards.

Gamatronic’s line of control and management products enables you to remotely monitor and manage your critical power and ensure that you are constantly informed on the state of your critical power’s environment.