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Con of on line dating

One of the favorite tactics is to send a message saying, “I want you to see what I wrote in my profile.

It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.” One click of the link and passwords, credit card numbers and other personal data can be removed from your computer. Con men can get you to do the strangest things It seems hard to believe, but many acts of fraud have been committed because a con man has persuaded a user to let him/her log into their account.

This email can be sent on a site like Facebook, in your personal email, or within e Harmony’s internal email system. This usually happens after the con man and his victim have been in communication for a considerable period of time, and a certain amount of trust has been established.

They know that people are vetting them in the social spaces and have responded accordingly.

If you find that a new romantic interest has a history on these services, it isn’t a guarantee against fraud.

Unfortunately, online dating sites are also sometimes targeted.

Just like the Internet, fraud tactics evolve over time.

They may even be impersonating someone of the opposite gender.

It is no longer easy to tell if someone is likely a scammer based solely on their photos.

For all their complex schemes con men are completely dependent upon your cooperation.

At some point, you have to give them access, information, or money before they can commit their fraudulent activities.

These three rules will help protect you from most kinds of Internet fraud. A person who asks for money is almost certainly a con man. A person who asks for access to your online accounts is almost certainly a con man. A person who asks specific personal questions about where you bank, your address, pet’s names, school names, etc. Of course, e Harmony is constantly working to prevent any of our users from being scammed.

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