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Cowboy cowgirl dating

Radio and television host and producer Rick Huff's column, Western Air, covers the Western radio scene.

I was born in the city but with manure in my veins!!

Without the promoting of major motion picture studios (like Republic did in the Golden Age) or an all-consuming tide of popularity rising from a single blockbuster film, series or sex symbol to propel it, Western will never again hit fad status.

There are signs from the studios of a rekindling interest in things Cowboy.

You just know any song that I would have been humming incessantly around here simply must be one of those great classic visions of our grand and glorious West! The Eggplant That Ate Chicago has been running through my head for the last two weeks. The song probably hasnt been played by anyone but Dr. I dont want it chomping around in my skull and I certainly didnt invite it to invade. Here are just some of the facts that may be pretty tough pills for Western Music diehards to swallow.

If its not currently running through your head at the mere mention, Eggplant was a recording from the late 60sdone in the days when the music industry wasnt afraid to occasionally put out a peculiar novelty instead of just being peculiar itself. My only trail back to our subject this time is remembering that it was created by Norman Greenbaum performing under the name Dr. Pill #1 (bitter, but not unexpected): Likely it will not be a new audience for Western numbering in the multi-millions.

All of this ties in perfectly with Around The Barn, whose hour-long shows are also being archived by host station KHTS and are made available in podcast form as well as new shows being streamed live each Saturday morning!

The happy, chatty quartette of Pitchford, Bell, Pomilia and Dowler play music and visit with musicians, authors, actors and other filmfolk and horsefolk either in the studio or by phone.

Newhall is ground central for the renowned Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival.