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Cuckoo clock dating marks

In an effort to preserve the art, integrity and standards of fine cuckoo clock making the Black Forest Clock Association was formed.

Add that to a chorus of “The Happy Wanderer” while characters come to life and you have the stuff dreams are made of.

There is nothing that can dampen the experience of owning a cuckoo more than being woken up in the middle of the night by it.

The quality of a cuckoo clock’s movement will also govern the life span, performance and accuracy of the clock. As a mater of fact, a cuckoo clock must be driven by a mechanical movement made in the Black Forest to earn the coveted Black Forest Clock Association seal and certificate of authenticity.

The easiest way to assessing the probable market value of old cuckoo clocks is through an expert horologist or a clock appraiser.

The clocks sound will remain off until you manually change the switch back to the on position.

An automatic switch can be set to the on, off, or automatic position.

They all play an important role in the evolution of the cuckoo clock and are still produced and available today.