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Cybersex chat for mobile

Internet and cybersex addicts will normally “survive” relationship breakdown by going further into their unreal world of online reality, cybersex and pornography.

The risk of this diversion is enhanced when a person is already looking to escape from frustrations, dissatisfactions and social disconnection in the “real world”.

This allure can lead a person to firstly spending time on the internet in a general “surfing” mode, until one finds an “addictively” appealing site or type of site that hooks a person in.

The key outcomes from cybersex addiction and any entanglement with online pornography or online initiated real life affairs, is the destruction of real relationships, family, job performance and Body Mind health.

Real life partners will not evoke the same heightened adrenaline rush or arousal of the illicit internet experience.

Some basic questions to ask yourself to ascertain whether you have a online sexual addiction are: If you can answer yes to 5 or more of these questions then you are at risk of developing a online internet based sexual addiction, or acting out an online affair.

Counsellors and therapists are reporting teenagers and couples from all age groups coming for guidance due to the impact of computer usage on their relationships and home life.

Sex sites are rated the most common “addictive” site types by researcher Dr Al Cooper, who refers to online pornography and sex contact sites the “crack cocaine” of sexual compulsivity.