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Covering many of the region’s most famous climbs, this will be a truly mega day out, although the 230km Gran Fondo route or 153km Medio Fondo routes should be pretty tough too.

If you: Incorrect derailleur / lever combinations either will not index correctly as a result of the differing cable pull ratios, or, where the pull ratio is broadly the same (Potenza and the other Rev 11 systems), the indexing is difficult to set correctly and will tend to drift very rapidly, losing accuracy and speed of shift, with increased wear and tear and with dirt accumulation on the gear cable runs.

Q: What is the compatibility between 10speed and 11speed?

A: When Campagnolo started down the path of developing 11 speed, they looked at virtually every part of the transmission and redesigned it to cope with the extra demands of 11 speed.

Last updated: Please note - for new model year (2018) information, please contact us at Velotech Cycling Ltd or, if outside the UK, refer to your local branch or to Campagnolo Italy.

The new Centaur 11, Potenza H11 and Chorus, Record and Super Record HO mechanical and HO EPS groupsets have some important differences and specific areas of compatibility that bicycle assemblers and early after-market adopters need to be aware of, which we have not yet had opportunity to transmit to smaller OEMs or CODE dealers / Pro Shops.

The main challenge of the longest 160km route is the Trough of Bowland, a 4km ascent that gets steeper and steeper as it reaches the top.

When: Saturday, September 1 Where: Kinlochewe, Scotland More information: The Applecross peninsula on the west coast of Scotland may be remote, but it’s making the trip to ride one of the most spectacular roads in the UK: Bealach na Ba.

This hair-pinned climb is the highlight of the Bealach Mor sportive, climbing over 600m over its 10km length, with spectacular views of the Isle of Skye from the summit.