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With almost 200 years of heritage, Royal Doulton is a thriving global organisation, with around £200 million annual turnover, employing around 6000 people across its UK production houses and numerous distribution operations worldwide.

Royal Doulton lists amongst its products an extensive giftware range, character jugs, china flowers and an array of collectable figurines often known as the Royal Doulton 'pretty ladies'.

Some of the figurines are inspired by history and literature, for example the figure of Heathcliffe and Cathy from 'Wuthering Heights'.

Achievements Royal Doulton is one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors in the premium ceramic tableware and giftware market.

Its illustrious brand names include Minton, Royal Albert and the core Royal Doulton brand.

Royal Doulton is a market leader within the ceramics and chinaware markets, around 40% of all English bone china being produced by Royal Doulton as well as almost half of the UK's ceramic sculptures.

The company's Hotel and Airline division is also the world's largest supplier of bone china to the international airlines industry.

For the junior members of the household, Royal Doulton also produces nurseryware, and many of these ranges are of interest to adult collectors.

Its most popular collection is 'Bunnykins', while 'Brambly Hedge' giftware; the Disney collections such as 'Winnie the Pooh' have also excited and sustained much interest.

Indeed archaeologists rely on shards of pottery fragments to establish the level of sophistication of past civilisations.

Today's consumers are more demanding and discerning than ever before.

All three airlines are noted for their high quality in-flight service, and Royal Doulton - aware of the need for brand differentiation - prides itself on creating contemporary ranges for each of its clients which, through the use of shape and surface designs, are uniquely distinctive.