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Dating gps tracker

The fleetminder optional temperature sensor hardware will need to be installed for this report to function.

This function provides users with a report on instances when a vehicle was driven over a certain speed on a specified date and time range.

This report provides important information about the speed and RPM of a vehicle from the engine management system’s point of view.

With the help of this report, users can analyse the engine temperature of the vehicle at different times of a particular day.

This report allows users to access data and generate a report for the triggering of events of one of the ECU parameters such as RPM overrunning, peak fuel consumption, fuel decrease, and engine overtime based on the value entered.

With the help of this function, users can generate an incident report for a vehicle which provides information about the speed and RPM of a vehicle with respect to time for a particular date in the form of a graph for easy understanding and comparison.

This report provides users with a summary of important parameters of the ECU such as average speed, average fuel, and brake applications etc. This report helps users to determine the efficiency of a vehicle and driver for a specific date and time range by providing data of ECU parameters such as trip distance, average speed, fuel used, etc. The user can generate an efficiency report based on a selected vehicle over a specified date and time range. This report allows users to determine the total time of the engine of the selected vehicle was running.

It also provides the date and location for every engine on/engine off event for the selected time period along with the engine run-time for each journey.

The GPS tracker reports can be accessed via the fleetminder Live Tracking system and going to the Reports link on the top menu bar.