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Biordi has a huge selection of typical Italian patterns that go back to the Renaissance; their walls are stuffed with dinnerware, decorative pieces, and exquisite tiles.

The Asian influence is obvious, as is the practicality of having something to keep wine cool.

Artists today hand paint using the same process as those centuries ago, following traditional patterns as well as adding some contemporary touches.

Historically important areas for Italian ceramics have stayed pretty constant throughout the years, many of them in the center of Italy.

Pieces are all handmade and hand-painted, which gives every plate, bowl, jar, and vase a truly unique character.

Archive footage from 1940 shows José Gimeno himself working on large pieces – check out this video (in Spanish) to see more for yourself.

The sugar bowl and spoon featured on LACMA’s blog is charming, with soft pink accents and a curiously slotted spoon. Soft-paste porcelain with glaze and enamel, The Mary Lou Boone Collection.

“This exhibition reveals and celebrates both the artistry that exists in the service of the utilitarian and the ability of this discriminating collector to bring together remarkable examples of that artistry,” said Elizabeth Williams, assistant curator of decorative arts and design at LACMA, in a recent press release. Chantilly Porcelain Manufactory, Chantilly, France, c. photos © Susan Einstein I couldn’t agree more, especially looking at examples of handmade French pottery today, from French platters to the elegant curves of a French ceramic serving bowl.

Unlike the porcelain jars for pomade, a wine bottle holder is a practical ceramic piece people still use today.