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Dating sim rpg hints

This week, I wanted to talk about a wonderful game called Aselia the Eternal. Originally released in Japan as an adults-only title, it was subsequently completely rewritten -- and all the adult content removed -- for a Play Station 2 release, which was ported back to PC and eventually, some years later, officially translated and released by visual novel specialists JAST USA, allowing English speakers to play it for the first time without having to resort to fan translations and potentially dodgy means of acquiring the game content.

And, well, if I tell you that this game features Fire Emblem-style permadeath -- albeit with the ability to save and reload whenever you want -- I'm sure you'll understand when I say the strategic decisions you'll be making carry far more weight than in many other similar titles.

It helps that the game itself is rock solid, although admittedly its static 2D art, sprite-based combat and PS1-era tactical map probably aren't going to win the hearts of those who demand a more highly polished, cinematic experience.

Here in the West, however, we tend to see a fairly limited selection get localized -- and due to the popular (and wildly inaccurate) assumption that male players still make up the majority of the gaming community, they tend to be of the "bishoujo" ("pretty girl") variety aimed squarely at heterosexual males.

Actually, here in the West we have a somewhat more liberal definition of what constitutes a "dating sim." Anything with some sort of relationship mechanic built in tends to be referred to if not as an outright dating sim, then certainly having dating sim elements.

This is all a matter of taste, of course, but on the off-chance you feel the same way -- or are simply curious -- I thought I'd help out #Dating Si Month for the next few installments of this column with some recommendations of my own.

Be sure to share some of your favorites in the comments, too -- I'm always looking for fun new games to try.

The people you meet speak neither English or Japanese, and thus Yuuto's early attempts at communication are frustrating to witness.

Over time, though, both you as the player and Yuuto as the protagonist start to recognize words and patterns that the characters use, and gradually everyone begins to understand one another.

Snuggle up and get cozy -- this week we take a look at visual novel/dating sim/strategy game/RPG hybrid Aselia the Eternal.

What better time to indulge yourself with some virtual romance courtesy of Japan's fine selection of relationship-centric titles?

It's quite literally a life simulator in which the primary focus of your machinations is to find yourself in a romantic relationship (and, possibly, bed) with someone who takes your fancy.