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One of my broader interests is the timing of the radiation of modern birds, and how fossil and molecular data inform our understanding of this event.

Leo has sharpened her skills to the point where each poem will make the reader react.

These poems are very human, very personal and universally easy to relate to.

She is the reason I got inspired to actually make it because she made it on her stories one day (the sauce part that is) and I’m glad I watched because it made it seem totally doable.

My recipe isn’t exactly like either because I don’t have all the ingredients they have but I used some basic principles from their recipes and from several others I looked up and tried.

The Fossil Calibration Database was created with funding from the NESCent (NSF EF-0905606) award “Synthesizing and Databasing Fossil Calibrations: Divergence Dating and Beyond” (to DTK and JFP) and is supported by Palaeontologia Electronica.

An Encyclopedia of Life Bio Syn C Synthesis Meeting award (to JFP) was critical to the conception of the database.

Very happy I picked this one up.“Not roses or carnations, chrysanthemums or tulips.

For her, Gerbera daisies, not becauseof the 30 species, the fifth-most cut flower in the world, their heads perfect halos of dazzling colorsthat draw even the darkest of minds, but because each flower is made of hundredsof smaller flowers, and so there is no single bloom that provides more chance,extends the game of He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

She is an excellent storyteller, and very lyrical, as well. I was by no means hooked on page 1, but once I got into her narrative, I was able to connect with some truly beautiful writing.

These poems are elegantly accessible and offer a pretty fresh take on the contemporary female voice.

The Fossil Calibration Series at Palaeontologia Electronica publishes peer-reviewed fossil calibrations which are accessioned directly to the Fossil Calibration Database.