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Spanish Maritime Authorities, including SAR, ignored Committee meeting or meetings, for reasons unknown.

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The "Territory" festival re-answers the question: "What is contemporary art? Every year it educates a new spectator, listener, citizen.

The festival, initiated in 2005, is led by active experts of theater and art scene – an actor and artistic director of Theater of Nations Evgeniy Mironov, a director and artistic director of “Gogol Center” Kirill Serebrennikov, a theater critic Roman Dolzhansky, a conductor and artistic director of Perm Opera and ballet theatre Theodore Curentzis, a theater and film actress Chulpan Khamatova, a teacher of Moscow Art Theater School Andrey Uraev, and an executive director of Moscow Museum of Modern Art Vasily Tsereteli.

Instead, we have to listen to the same old tune, same old song: “Nothing to worry about, everything’s under control” – favorite song of all the officialdoms, past, present and future.

Guys – I address officialdom (including media) – you’re living in the past, wake up to new reality.

TERRITORY has been discovering new names, presenting avant garde classics and experimenting with forms for more than ten years.

Festival’s performances were shown on the train, including infant’s casting and setting up an opening party in the subway.

As of 0500 UTC Aug 31, CHESHIRE and SAR tugs were in vicinity 27 31N 015 58W, some 30 nm southwest of Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.

Canary Islands Government established a special Committee, which is to deal with CHESHIRE salvage and situation in general, ensuring there won’t be any harm to islands’ residents and ecology.

So, I’m afraid, we’re again, or still, in the dark, not knowing, what’s going on in there, and what’s the vessel’s condition.