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Define dating scripts

Alternatively, different interpretations of dating rituals may lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or resentment towards members of the opposite sex (La Greca & Harrison, 2005).

Understanding gender and racial differences in the assessment of dating rituals helps us explore the extent to which relationship activities are given similar importance across institutional and cultural lines.

Most of the studies that inform our knowledge of dating and relationships are unable to draw conclusions regarding racial differences because the sample is Caucasian (e.g., Bogle, 2008), or primarily so (e.g., Manning & Smock 2005).

An impressive body of research indicates a marked change in dating patterns among both racial groups since that time.

In the mid-1960’s and into the 1970’s, formal dating became less important as adolescents started spending more time with peer groups (Bogle, 2008; Modell, 1989).

The dating system began as early as the 1920s and was primarily designed by the White middle-class (see Bailey, 1989; Modell, 1989 and Cate & Lloyd, 1992).

Unlike their White counterparts, an elaborate dating system did not develop for African-Americans during this time period.

Nonetheless, courtship has always been placed at one end of a continuum, with a permanent partnership (traditionally marriage) as the ultimate goal (Bailey, 1989).