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Detailview updating

Also I am not able to assign the parameters to the controls within the Detailsview. This earns you a point and marks your thread as Resolved so we will all know you have been helped.

Typically we won’t discover that the detail view circle is frozen in place until we go back and make a modification to a view.

Take the seasonal example drawing here for instance, Detail View “C” is not exactly where we wanted it to be placed, the original intent was to have the view placed over the “Carrot Nose” in the center of the head.

Wouldn't it be great if it all just happened automatically?

When you go to the Layout tab, of course, there's an option for Detail View Style.

) offers you an easy way to EDIT and VIEW your model data, toggle these modes, and adds other features.

You can read the extension documentation and/or view a demo of this extension, to understand usage.

FAQ on the correct forum Hi Jon11sin, Here is a link for tutoring you how to da a master-details Edit which is actually what you want: Startv20/aspnet/doc/data/databases.aspx#masterdetails.

In this exampl a given selectcommand is presented, but the way to assign parameters is the same. But see I can use the selectcommand and the wizard automatically allows me to assign the parameters.

It is discovered that when the original circle for Detail View “C” was placed, the user neglected to hold down the CTRL key, which would have disabled the automatic sketch relation that applied itself between the center of the detail circle and the outer edge of the scarf. As it turns out it’s as simple as editing a SKETCH!

Right Click on the Detail View Circle and choose the “Edit Sketch” option from the menu This option will provide you direct access to the sketch that was used to place the SOLIDWORKS Detail View Circle in the first place.

I want to use stored procedures instead of an ad hoc sql statement.