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Diggy simmons dating willow smith

Some people especially in the Caribbean don’t think that men want to gather and share their deepest feelings, challenges and joys alike.

Growing up with celebrity parents is not easy, with all the media stories, paparazzi and flashing lights.

On Thanksgiving Day, Diggy released the visual for his single "Honestly." The beautifully shot film, which accompanies the rap ballad, features a number of intimate scenes between Diggy and his beautiful co-star.

We watch the young lovers take walks in the park (as autumn leaves fall), cuddle in bed, and brush their teeth together in the morning. Overall, the new video shows that Diggy is great at capturing a romantic moment and showing off a man's sensitive side. And last month, he also dropped the DJ Mustard-produced song “Ain’t Bout to Do” featuring French Montana.

Diggy is a new star, because he has released his debut album just recently, but as soon as it happened, the rumors about him began to spread and it is not clear if they are real of just made up.

R&B singer-songwriter who had the popular radio single, “Armageddon,” in 2009.

She sang with him in all over America and Canada in the tour. She has also recorded covers for Rihanna and Carley Rae Jepsen.

Jessica Jarrell can be known as Diggy Simmons girlfriend and she is also a singer and furthermore she is a model.

Sometimes you just have to jump in full swing and see where the road leads.