Start Does updating bios remove raid

Does updating bios remove raid

Usually this can be done on most modern motherboards using the EFI environment, meaning that you don't need to access the RAID BIOS Console to actually perform the update.

Console the system ignores the request and boots normally.

For example, you press CTRL G during the RAID initialisation screen when an RMS25CB080 is fitted, but unexpectedly the RAID Card BIOS Console does not start when completes.

It's a brand new system so it's not that big a deal i just have to reload windows but i want to know for future reference what the ramifications are.

It's an Asrock Z97 Extreme 6 board that came with bios version 1.3.

Since you were in RAID mode before the BIOS update, you should be able to set the SATA mode to RAID now, and your RAID arrays will be back.

RAID arrays are much harder to ruin than some people say they are.

And also in storage config I changeed them from "hard disk" to "solid state disk".

These 2 SSD's are the only drives in the system currently.

Once all your BIOS settings are set as you need them, you say them in a named profile.

Then after a BIOS update or clear, you simply load the profile, save and exit, and all is fine.

Go to Advanced BIOS Features, select the 1st/2nd/3rd boot device as hard disk.