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Britain's flu season tends to mirror what has happened there.

GPs in the south west were told: 'It is possible that flu will be seen among individuals, both staff and patients, who have accepted this vaccination.'The trivalent vaccines, which protect against one strain of B and two of A, are most commonly used in NHS surgeries because they are cheaper, The Times reports.

Australia - whose winter occurs during the British summer - had one of its worst outbreaks on record, with two and a half times the normal number of cases.

One includes the so-called 'Aussie flu', a strain of influenza A which wreaked havoc on hospitals in Australia during the country's winter.

The H3N2 subtype triggered two and a half times the normal number of cases in Australia.

Et 5% des hommes sondés (soit 1 260 000 par rapport à la population londonienne) aimeraient faire leur demande le 14 février !

Flu deaths have doubled in the space of a week, Government figures reveal as fears of the worst outbreak in 50 years loom large.

The strain has been responsible for a surge in cases of flu, including the dreaded 'Aussie flu' across England and Wales this winter - putting extra pressure on the NHS.

In a letter to GPs, PHE suggested only adults given the quadrivalent vaccine would face protection from the emerging B strain.

During that winter, Government figures suggested the winter flu played a role in more than 16,000 deaths. The total recorded in week 51 is also more than double that of last year, when 684 cases, mainly of the H3N2 subtype, were reported.

The sharp rise in flu is only expected to cause further problems for the NHS, with cases of the winter vomiting bug also continuing to soar.

Bosses have blamed an increase in cases of flu on the unprecedented decision to cancel 55,000 operations to cope with the crisis.