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In the last 100 years there have been several naturalistic cosmologic models to explain the existence of the universe.

After the description of the theory of relativity by Einstein and calculations showing the vast distance of nebulae (known to be galaxies today) two distinct models were developed.

It is claimed that the biblical time span of 6,000 years cannot explain how light could reach earth from the distant parts of the universe.

There are several explanations that potentially solve the light travel-time “problem.” The big bang also has its own light travel-time problem, and many other observations limit the age of the universe to much less than 13.7 billion years.

Throughout history there have been many views on the origin of the universe.

The beliefs range from an eternal universe to a universe that is 6,000 years old—the biblical view.

The big bang and the Bible are not compatible in the order of events or in the timescale.

Attempting to fit scientific ideas into Scripture rather than applying biblical thinking to science leads to compromise and undermines the authority of Scripture.

The steady-state model describes an eternal universe in which matter is being continuously created.

The big bang model suggests that the universe had a beginning and that it has been expanding since then.

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