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Specifications include 550 to 3,000 ipm cutting speed rate, 2.6 to 38.5 in. Materials handled include cardboard, foam, wood, plastics, and leather. Made in of sign making machinery including saws. Industries served include aerospace, medical, and of automated stencil, decal, sign & masking machines & systems, including the color-pro digital printing cutter for full color cut-out decals.

Used for making intricate shapes on difficult materials, and for creating your own acrylic letters in-house. Distributor of sign making machinery such as stroking hand and portable pneumatic presses.

Kits include quick change knifes and saw motor mounting platforms, interchangeable knifes/saw carriages and backer boards. Suitable for cutting, engraving & marking various materials including wood, acrylic, glass, marble, leather, stone & paper.

Other products include drills, ironworkers, presses, saws, lathes, mills, machining centers, punches, shears, grinders, sanders, press brakes, lasers, waterjet, rolls & benders. Products: Easystep™ 4000 Label & Sign Maker Uses A Thermal Transfer System to Print Labels, Bar Codes & Signs From 1/2" To 4" High. Custom or Stock Banners Are 23" High & Up To 100' Long.

thickness & vibratory stress relieving up to 40,000 lbs. Distributor of new & used machinery including sheet metal & tube fabricating, sign making, bending, metal slitting & slotting, sheet cutting & stacking machinery. Features include window-based software, engraving & fonts, 4 bearing spindle of 20,000 rpm, automatic surface sensing, touch screen keypad & one year warranty. Manufacturer Of Products For Presentation, Industrial Labeling & Signage Markets. Poster Lynx™ Interfaces With Personal Computers Enabling Them To Print Directly.

Custom manufacturer of carbon dioxide & fiber laser machinery for marking signs made from metals & non-metals. Designer, builder and manufacturer of engraved products using equipment including laser engraving and pantographs.

A Wide Selection Of Equipment Sizes, Controllers & Software Manufacturer of engraved products using special and custom machinery including machinery for sign making.

Available with 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defects. & Manufacturer Of High Pressure Water Jet Cutting Systems & Routers That Are Capable Of Cutting Materials From Plastics, Exotic Metals, Stone & Composites.

built-in adjustable alignment fixture, and interchangeable dies. Suitable for applications on various materials including vinyl, corrugated plastic, fabric, and poster board.

Manufacturer of patterns, sand & aluminum castings, metal rings, aluninum parts, gasket fittings, molds, prototypes, bumper steps & cross, feet, raised letter & braille signs & plaques.

ACER, Apex, Baldor, Bennett, Berkroy, Black & Decker, Boyar Schultz, Camut, Central, Chambersburg, Coe Press Equipment, Conrac, Crown, Daewoo, Dainichi, Dake, Dake Johnson, Dallas, Danly, Davi, Davis, Delta, Delta Design, Durma, Eaton, Eaton Leonard, Eckold, Eisen, Elgin, Elox, Entron, Etna,...

Aside from the contribution provided by EBITDA totaling 366.6 million euros, the 2007 EBIT are mainly the net result of the following items: proceeds from settlements of actions to void and actions for damages (642 million euros versus 171.5 million euros in 2006), depreciation, amortization and writedowns of non-current assets (117.5 million euros versus 116.7 million euros in 2006), legal costs incurred to pursue actions to void and actions for damages (56.2 million euros versus 55.0 million euros in 2006), additions to provisions for tax risks (25.8 million euros versus 6.9 million euros in 2006), additions to provisions for contingent liabilities that may arise in Il risultato operativo del 2007, fatta eccezione per il margine operativo lordo (366,6 milioni di euro), è principalmente dovuto a proventi da azioni revocatorie e risarcitorie per 642 milioni di euro (171,5 milioni di euro nel 2006), ad ammortamenti e svalutazioni di immobilizzazioni per 117,5 milioni di euro (116,7 milioni di euro nel 2006), a spese legali per azioni revocatorie e risarcitorie per 56,2 milioni di euro (55,0 milioni di euro nel 2006), ad oneri per rischi fiscali per 25,8 milioni di euro (6,9 milioni di euro nel 2006), ad oneri correlati alle possibili passività insorgenti dalin grado di falsare le condizioni di concorrenza nel mercato comune, né di incidere sugli scambi tra Stati membri, poiché destinatarie sono imprese che cessano definitivamente la loro attività ed escono dal mercato.