Start Episcopalian priests and dating

Episcopalian priests and dating

Since Pope John Paul II extended an invitation in 1980, nearly 100 married Anglican priests have converted and started working in Roman Catholic dioceses.

But what the church needs remains a matter of great debate.

Shea, however, said the laity should be concerned about another side effect of a married priesthood: red ink. "If we as lay people are gonna clamor for married priests then we bloody well better be ready to pay for it. In 2009, unmarried Catholic priests averaged $44,033 in salary, housing and food.

Parishes with more than one priest could not expect multiple families to commune in one rectory, so they would have to pay for more and bigger housing. Their married ex-Anglican counterparts received an average of $56,142 in compensation, and Protestant pastors averaged $57,132.

Christine Schenk, executive director of the progressive organization Future Church. Catholics divorce at the same rate as the general public — about 35 percent — and there's no reason to think priests would do better.