Start Free date to fuck sites no credit cards

Free date to fuck sites no credit cards

You will then post the media to certain sites I specify, to keep a continuous content feed flowing and drive more traffic to my sites, using a case sensitive password and user name.

You will also market your sex toy parties in local newspapers, magazines and in clubs and bars. You will receive a 10% commission for each total order. INSTEAD WE WILL LAUGH AT YOU AND TEASE YOU SOME MORE WITH OUR HOT PICS! All the Latest News and Updates You will obtain access to information only posted in the Private Pay Piggie$ area about special travel plans, party plans, newly available slave positions, meet and greet opportunities and more so that you may be close to me.

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--Marketing Manwhore--Networking Nymph--Word of Mouth Wench--Free Stuff Finding Fucker--Production Pecker Video and Site Editor--Tranny Trash Temptress for Video/Pictorials--Cross-Dressing Cunt for Video/Pictorials--Submissive Slut for Video/Pictorials--Sex Toy Party Sissy for Site Promotions FILL OUT MY APPLICATION FORM MARKETING MANWHORE-- As my Marketing manwhore, you will copy and paste my banner and link codes and place them on Social Networks (Adult Space, Facebok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), Forums, Blogs, and other sites, as well as provide my links during chat sessions and direct traffic to my sites.

You will also post informative "press releases" to provided (by me) site lists, describing my Online Shops and Blogs.


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