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Stylish stars Olivia Palermo, 31, Rita Ora, 26, Elle Fanning, 19, and Kendall Jenner, 21, are fans of the trend, as they have all already been spottted with the cold weather add-ons.

Disclaimer: Despite the name, Furry Comics don't necessarily have to be remotely involved with the Furry Fandom (Popularity, withstanding).

These are just comics that star anthropomorphic animals. See also Furry Webcomics for its Internet equivalent.

If a Cat Girl or other Little Bit Beastly drops a furry reminder, it tends to get jarring as they look completely human aside from their animal ears and tail.

This trope doesn't necessarily involve an Anthropomorphic Shift, but can sometimes be applied after a shift has occurred to remind us that the character is still as much an animal as he was before.

Othertimes the characters are animals simply for aesthetic reasons.

Basically, a comic populated by Funny Animals, with varying levels from the simple Talking Animal level to the Petting Zoo People (full anthropomorphization, sometimes abbreviated 'anthro' in the wide circle of Furry Fandom), with characters that look like cuter versions of escapees from the island of Dr. More commonly than not, Furry Comics have mammalian stars, probably because it is easier to anthropomorphize something that's morphologically closer to humans, although high primates like gorillas and chimpanzees are often too close with Unfortunate Implications in racial themes.

This trope is most common with animals on the Civilized Animal, Funny Animal, or Petting Zoo People tiers.

This can sometimes happen to animals on the Nearly Normal Animal, Talking Animal, or Partially Civilized Animal tiers, but animals of those tiers move around like their real life counterpart, tend not to be treated like or act like humans, and don't seem to be prone to Furry Denial or "purely aesthetic species" syndrome.

There is a variant of this trope involving stuffed animals and toys, especially those that seem more like actual living things to viewers, that reminds viewers that the character or characters are in fact stuffed or toys.

The most common example of this involves either an arm or leg getting ripped or ripped of or part of their body getting a rip in it.

Kendall first stepped out carrying a pink fur tote by Simonetta Ravizza while in New York City.