Start Gentoo kde updating applications

Gentoo kde updating applications

What would happen if the success of a package manager was not limited by the difficulty of writing a low-level package management backend, but rather was solely dependent on the quality of the user interface? I had pondered the above questions for quite a while, starting back with the inception of the Project Timelord initiative.

When these package managers were good (like Adept 2 in KDE3 days), things were generally fine, and the drought had a limited effect.

The transition to KDE4 threw package management GUIs right back to square one, and even two years later there has not been a replacement of the caliber of the KDE3 package managers.

It can be said that the hardest part of writing a package manager is not in writing the GUI, but in interfacing with the package system.

I started three months ago by spending a few days trying to grok the libapt-pkg API by looking at the internals of Synaptic, the APTcc Package Kit backend, and the python-apt bindings. The QApt Worker is what does all the dirty “needs admin” stuff, and could be considered the “write-only” portion of QApt.

(I also plan to write a Software Center/Adept Installer style app once Muon has a stable release) Currently, Muon sports a quite spiffy feature list. (Since it’s in main) Unfortunately, screenshots.lacks a screenshot for Konversation. I couldn’t fit all the details in the first tab, but the second tab has a bunch of neat technical details. For packages that provide virtual packages, you can also view those packages by selecting “Virtual packages provided” from the combobox. : D) Since I already have Konversation installed, I can see what files the package has. You can filter by category and by status at the same time.

But Konversation doesn’t provide any virtual packages, so this screenshot can’t show you. In this picture, I am filtering on installed KDE packages. Muon uses the Debconf KDE Library written by dantti, which should hopefully also be usable in the next version of KPackage Kit.

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