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Gina carano dating couture

Gina Carano, 34, has found the love of her life Kevin Ross, who is an American Muay Thai kickboxer and former mixed martial artist, and they are going strong with all the butterflies and sparkle.

You are my inspiration, my best friend, my everything!!!

“It will be our first Strikeforce female title belt.

Coker said he felt confident the paperwork would be completed in the near future.

They suddenly split in the year 2013 but again seemed to be together.

Both Gina and Henry were busy professionally over the next couple of years and suddenly news came out that the couple again split up with each other, no one knows why this cute couple broke up.

But still, she found the love with the Kickboxing star Kevin Ross and its been almost two years they have been together.

We hope they get much stronger as the year pass and eventually lead to marriage.

Ross explained how they hooked up -- and it's actually a pretty sweet story.