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The slipped disc can cause spinal nerve compression resulting in pain being transferred to the vulval area (referred pain).

There are a number of other conditions that can cause discomfort around the vulval area.

Symptoms can vary from mild discomfort to severe, constant pain, and can differ from day to day. In particular, it may affect your sex drive or cause you to feel depressed.

If you feel low in mood or depressed, please make sure you see your doctor or counsellor.

In addition, women with a previous history of surgery or childbirth are at increased risk.

The reasons why is not fully understood, but there is a theory that infections or trauma can affect or damage the nerves in some way.

As such, we will look at them together due to the similarities in causes, symptoms and treatments available.

Vulvodynia is thought to be caused by irritation of the nerve fibres in the skin of your vulva.

The irritated nerve fibres produce sensations of pain, either spontaneously (unprovoked) or on light touch.