Start Go weather live wallpaper not updating

Go weather live wallpaper not updating

If you are not running BQL1, read through all of the steps below.

When the phone reboots you will be running the BQL1 Nougat build.

At this point, you can skip down to the final step of the tutorial.

If you find that you are not eligible to sideload BQL1, then you will need to roll back to this build using Odin.

If the BQL1 build is not listed, then you need to move on to Step 2 of this tutorial.

If BQL1 is listed in the final dropbox, click on the build number to download the update.

A little over a week ago, we first detected several less-than-subtle hints of Rich Communication Services, more commonly known as RCS, in Google Messenger 2.0's code.

In case you don't know what RCS is, it essentially adds some useful features to SMS that are similar to what you'll find in Apple's i Message.

The current firmware information for your device can be obtained by heading to .