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Gta sa dating katie

Hmm, but is there any chance a 100% run of GTA: San Andreas would ever be accepted?

As I was saying, this Grand Theft Auto San Andreas speed run is by far the longest, hardest, and most exausting speed run I have ever attempted. Is using glitches such as early weapons or dating barbara as soon as the game starts allowed? -Dark Light93First, I'd like to say hello to SDA. The Length of the game obviously causes the speed run to be much longer than other runs. Even if you plan to abuse the everloving shit out of death or busting, it still wouldn't be worth it to date Katie or Barbara, much less at the start of the game.

I would like to ask a few questions regarding this, because all of my past attempts have averaged over 30 segments and over 2 hours in length.1. The Length of the game obviously causes the speed run to be much longer than other runs. I am new to this site, but not new to Speed Running. My estimate is that this will be 45 segments at the minium. Others, like those perks carrying over if you start a new game that have them, are likely not allowed.[i]2.

Source(s):my awsome self[/quote]link Yahoo Answers Someone on yahoo answers said this [quote author=alex g ] did in in 11 hours nonstop i have all the houses i've done all the tags i found every collectible item i have all the best cars and i own every gang territory and i also have all the best weapons.

Source(s): my awsome self [/quote] link [url= HPMJNh0sc Y_n SFDt.

[/quote] I believe, tentatively, that it was 7 hours but it only applied to any %'s. Sure, you should do San andreas 100% but not do 3 (dating barbara early and so on) since it's unneccesary to get them.

for 100% you dont need girlfriends to 100% and so on.

Denise Robinson is encountered during the "Burning Desire" mission for Tenpenny, while Millie Perkins first appears during the "Key to Your Heart" mission in Las Venturas.

Michelle Cannes, Barbara Schternvart, Helena Wankstein and Katie Zhan are the rest of the girlfriends, although they are encountered at specific locations around San Andreas and aren't tied to any missions.

And yes, glitches are allowed, as long as they are available from the first time you start the game (so nothing that carries over from an earlier game).

Actually, for an over-2-hours run 45 segments isn't that much.

2 and 3 I can't answer because I've never played the GTA series so I'll leave that to another to answer.2.