Start Initially intimidating

Initially intimidating

Through conducting relevant and applicable research on a real-life problem, we were able to provide executable goals for the Business Marketing Organization.

AT&T is a place where business and technology intersect on a daily basis.

While I was interning, my friends and family constantly asked me: “What are you doing in your internship? Of course, the end goal is to develop our professional skills and to immerse ourselves in this hands-on experience. AT&T is a place that cultivates leaders, and the internship program is no different. The people of AT&T do not passively work in their jobs.

Instead, they actively immerse themselves in their roles – and so do the interns.

That means you’ll work with a lot of different ideas and personalities.

Success means knowing yourself and what you stand for. The building blocks of performance, image and exposure (or PIE, as we learned) are what will allow you to climb the ladder towards your career aspirations.

There is one common denominator in each intern I’ve met here: we’re all leaders.

And I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from them this summer.

One of the larger projects I worked on this summer was with the Business Marketing Organization.