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Traylor is also the sole reason that Michigan basketball has been left in shambles following a decade worth of NCAA sanctions.

Police confiscated more than 40 firearms when Lewis was arrested.

He was at least partially responsible for making Detroit the murder capital of the U. It’s literally a miracle that Traylor skated without facing any jail time in 2007.

Not only did he pay for the rental properties that Lewis was dealing drugs out of, but Traylor tried to claim a tax deduction on the drug houses as a tax loss!

Traylor claimed a $205,688 tax “loss” on the rental properties on his 2004 tax return.

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The NCAA never layed a glove on Michigan for the money their players took from Martin.

The only violation that Martin was specifically cited for was giving a Michigan player an “illegal” birthday cake.

That’s how the Feds nailed him on tax fraud charges.

Traylor has a long history of shady dealings with money dating all the way back to high school.

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