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A GLOBAL BRITAIN And if we believe in the good that government can do, it’s important for people to trust us to deliver the change they need.

That spirit that means you do as others do, and pay your fair share of tax. To stand up for the weak and stand up to the strong.

But today, too many people in positions of power behave as though they have more in common with international elites than with the people down the road, the people they employ, the people they pass in the street. And to put the power of government squarely at the service of ordinary working-class people. Just listen to the way a lot of politicians and commentators talk about the public.

I want to set out my vision for Britain after Brexit. BRITAIN’S QUIET REVOLUTION Change has got to come because as we leave the European Union and take control of our own destiny, the task of tackling some of Britain’s long-standing challenges - like how to train enough people to do the jobs of the future - becomes ever more urgent. Helped nearly a million new business to set up and grow. And brought crime down by more than a quarter to its lowest ever level. And this morning it’s right that we pause to say thank you to the man who made that possible. A great leader of our party – a great servant to our country. It was about something broader – something that the European Union had come to represent.

Today I want to answer that question very directly. The first majority Conservative Government in almost 25 years. For the referendum was not just a vote to withdraw from the EU.

But perhaps most of all, between the rich, the successful and the powerful - and their fellow citizens. That means a commitment to the men and women who live around you, who work for you, who buy the goods and services you sell.

That spirit that means recognising the social contract that says you train up local young people before you take on cheap labour from overseas.

And if you’re one of those people who lost their job, who stayed in work but on reduced hours, took a pay cut as household bills rocketed, or - and I know a lot of people don’t like to admit this - someone who finds themselves out of work or on lower wages because of low-skilled immigration, life simply doesn’t seem fair. Because the lesson of Britain is that we are a country built on the bonds of family, community, citizenship. The country of my parents who instilled in me a sense of public service and of public servants everywhere who want to give something back.

It feels like your dreams have been sacrificed in the service of others. Because if we don’t respond – if we don’t take this opportunity to deliver the change people want – resentments will grow. The parent who works hard all week but takes time out to coach the kids football team at the weekend.

So if you’re a boss who earns a fortune but doesn’t look after your staff… Because if you’re well off and comfortable, Britain is a different country and these concerns are not your concerns.

An international company that treats tax laws as an optional extra… And this party – the Conservative Party – is going to make that change. It’s easy to dismiss them - easy to say that all you want from government is for it to get out of the way. It’s time to remember the good that government can do.

And that is to stop quibbling, respect what the people told us on the 23rd of June – and take Britain out of the European Union. Article Fifty – triggered no later than the end of March.