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Marathi adult chatting

And in everyday conversation and family routines, during family outings and celebrations, speak your native language!!! Mumy is a mother of two bilingual children and a trilingual speech-language pathologist, the author of various multilingual leveled storybooks and instructional therapy materials for speech/language intervention, as well as the co-author of her latest e Songbook which features children’s songs for speech, language and hearing goals.

In other words, it’s difficult to build a second language if the first language foundation is not established and supported WHILE the second language is being learned.

To put a halt on the native language will only hurt the child’s language growth, and long-term negative effects will be inevitable.

Reply If you’d like to find some resources for teaching languages to children, check out the National Network for Early Language Learning:

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You can read the assignment’s text or the given passages in the community language.

In other words, give the instructions in the native language.

Writing and reading i am also teaching them but since they are not in a spanish speaking country they dont read and write to their level (agee 12; 9; & 6) but beter than nothing… I hope this ia helpful Reply How about more languages? Reply Tony, That’s exactly our situation – I speak Polish with kids, my husband speaks Mandarin Chinese to them, between us we communicate in English and around us people speak Taiwanese (grandparents) and Japanese (at least one month a year we spend in Japan).

We don’t have kids yet, but my partner and i communicate in english which is neither of our native languages. So we’re talking 3 or 4 languages in the kid’s environment: dad’s native language, mom’s native language, the language i ear them talking and possibly a different community language… Kids are fluent in Polish, English and Chinese (the younger one is still learning to read and write in Chinese). They don’t mix languages and use code switching naturally. We live in Slovakia, in a town with Hungarian majority.

Code switching, or the alternating between two languages, is a normal part of communication in bilingual individuals, and it does not promote or show signs of confusion.

It’s perfectly acceptable and appropriate for bilinguals.

dont speak or asnwwr your child ever in english you havento be consistance…