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As you search for your match in the coming weeks, why not take some time to embrace your home?

Without Mississippi, the world would be a sadder place.

Jackson’s Malaco Records recording studio gave us music from Paul Simon, ZZ Hill, and Tyrone Davis, among many others.

You can still see traces of the Confederacy and their battles against the Union, in Jackson City Hall and the Old Capitol Sharing stories is a great way to get to know another person.

If your date is from Mississippi, visiting all the historic sites might be like reliving childhood memories.

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Good ol’ Mississippi is a beautiful state with a lot to offer.

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Elvis was born in Tupelo, and the synthetic fabric rayon was created in Mississippi. The delicious creamy-ness of Barq’s root beer was created in the late 1890s in Biloxi, and Mississippi is known as one of the largest producers of catfish in the world.