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Mom and son chat

I found it weird drinking with her and once again it was awkward, but we just kept ordering drinks. I think I snore to, so you should try and fall asleep before me." Fuck this is going to suck, I'm never going to fall asleep.

If you think it's a problem, then we can try and go somewhere else but to be honest it was a long ride and we're already here." "You're right and this isn't going to ruin our weekend.

Since that moment I've continued to think about her and how attractive I thought she was.

We finally arrived at the casino and mom checked us in and we headed to the room.

As I kept rubbing I started to get more brazen and moved up to her tits and she flinched, so I stopped.

I waited a few seconds and went back to rubbing her, then I moved my hand down between her legs and started caressing her pussy over her panties.

This weekend is about having fun and all about you." "What about you mom? I'm sorry you had to sacrifice so much for me your whole life." "Sweetheart, trust me I'm going to have a good time and don't ever feel sorry for me.

I've had a great life." Mom is 46 years old and until recently never thought about if she was attractive or not.

So, I've been raised by mom my whole life and I should say that she sacrificed everything for me.