Start Ms project complete not updating

Ms project complete not updating

To conclude when you change Actual work field, Work field is also changed.

Select Mark on Track, and Project 2010 will update progress for all selected tasks according to the schedule.

This includes showing which ones were completed, shown here with a tick.

Use the date selectors to record the actual start and finish dates as Feb 13 and Feb 14 respectively. Using the Next and Previous buttons on the Task Details Form it is possible to go through the whole schedule recording progress in this way.

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Although you may be recording progress on the day you collated the information you’re using, it’s often the case that the recording of progress lags behind the collation.

For example, staff may complete timesheets at the end of a working week (Friday) and then you enter the information on the following Monday.

An even quicker option is to record the fact that a range of tasks were all on schedule at the status date.