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We are creating an inclusive dating business that facilitates a community of singles as opposed to a catalogue of partners.” The company appeared in front of MPs in September as part of the cross-party commission on loneliness.

If you have lived a certain way all your life and suddenly say some lines that you have read in a book, (sentences that originally worked for the author’s personality) people may pick this up.

The behavior you show is not integrated into your personality.

Naturals are often charismatic and “shine” with women.

Applying it initially may be described as “game” but after a certain time, you master it and do it unconsciously. Remember that game is often re-engineered from naturals.

If you say or do things without blocks, tensions, or problems and it feels right for you, then it is natural.

Imagine someone trying to pick up a girl for his first time and he just talks unnaturally.

Dating platform Fobo has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on the website Seedrs to try and raise £100k for development.

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