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Netherlands dating expat

They aren’t used for much else, but are well secured and easy to use, especially when on the go.

It’s super handy for when you need to find an alternative route to your destination when there are delays or cancelations.

And when there are major delays on your regular route, NS will send you a notification.

9292 offers travel information on not only trains, but busses and ferries as well.

Do you know of any other useful apps which Expats should have on their phone?

NL has been the major online information platform for Expats seeking English-language information on the Netherlands. NL has a brand-new design, easier navigation and offers more useful content than ever.

I was also aware of the Dutch stereotypes, but that didn’t mean I was expecting to arrive in Hoek van Holland to a chorus of blonde girls in long dresses and clogs offering me cheese and tulips with windmills as a backdrop.

I now realise that I never really took the time to think about what to expect as an expat in the Netherlands.

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