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That impulsive nature means Aries is partial to a quick tryst in an unusual spot and as ruler of the head, you'll likely enjoy extra hair tousling.

Casual sex is a no-no for Pisceans who see it as a spiritual act, signifying the coming together of two souls.

This sign rules the feet, so a massage is one surefire way to spark the fires of passion.

In return you'll be treated to big romantic gestures, elaborate dates and grand declarations of love.

If you're a Leo you're likely to enjoy seated positions in chairs that allow you to put on a theatrical display.

Traditional at heart, they like to be discreet and prefer to keep intimacy within the bedroom as opposed to the al fresco preferences of other adventurous signs.

A Libra lover is very giving but it's not all one sided - you will be expected to return all the favours you get.

As an energetic you appreciate switching positions throughout sex.

Casual sex is not the dream scenario for Cancer who likes to feel safe and secure in a relationship before revealing their true self.

They take pride in introducing their partner to new pleasures for the first time - and being the best lover they've ever had.

Aquarians can also seem a little detached when it comes to love as they're more likely to be dreaming with their heads in the clouds than thinking of earthly pleasures.

As a Taurus you're in touch with all the senses and are aroused by sound, sight, taste, smell and touch.