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“Rules are made to be broken.” Our society champions and applauds nonconformists—artists, entrepreneurs, inventors.

American-born Taiwanese-based singer Wilber Pan has been rumoured to be dating Taiwanese actress-model Doris Lai after she posted a photo of a credit card bill of US$6,728.48 (approximately S$8,436) last Saturday on Instagram with Wilber being the cardholder.

Wilber has recently ended promotional activities for his latest album and returned to the States for a rest.

“Of the estimated half a million transgender people in the UK, only a third have gender confirmation surgery where their sexual organs are altered”.

Lizzy had six of naked people to choose from including two trans people.

But rounding out the batting order are those for whom adult pursuits (a steady job, healthy lifestyle, punctuality) are theoretical concepts rather than daily concerns.

Back in 1983, psychologist Dan Kiley wrote a book called “The Peter Pan Syndrome: Men Who Have Never Grown Up.” He must have struck a nerve, because the book became an international best-seller.

If we were dating, how can we appear on the same show together? The singer, who has debuted for 13 years, had previously been said to be dating Bebe Yang, the heiress of a construction company, for three years.

Bebe was even photographed entering and leaving Wilber's apartment at will, leading to speculations of cohabitation, but he denied and said he was merely lending his car to a friend.

What is the meaning of the Filipino phrase pandarambong sa dagat?

What is the meaning of the Filipino word pandarambong?

The truth is that lots of men work hard, answer the call of duty, and fulfill their obligations.