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Hier gibt es Geschichten von Insidern, Lieblingsorte, Szenetipps und Überraschendes zu jeder Stadt zu entdecken.

She said: 'We sat down, we're having a cup of tea and I said to him "Those people smell the same as you", and he was confused.'I said "The people with Parkinson's in that room smelt the same as you".'So he looked at me and said "We have to go back and do this again".

Mrs Milne told how she realised she could smell the illness from others when she attended a support group meeting.

Wir, die Vermieter des Tourismusvereins Triftern e V. Es freut uns, dass Sie sich für einen Aufenthalt in unserer beschaulichen Region interessieren.

Hier finden Familien mit Kindern ebenso ihr Feriendomizil, wie der gestresste Großstädter, der sportlich Aktive oder der Erholungssuchende.

Researchers at Manchester University first began to believe Parkinson’s might have a discernible odour when they found out about Mrs Milne's story.

Joy's husband, a consultant anaesthetist, was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 45 but Mrs Milne had noticed she could detect an unusual musky smell from him years before.

They hope it could lead to the first diagnostic test for the disease that effects one in 500 people, around 127,000 across Britain.