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Philippine dating

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In my opinion, this is a way of them to say ‘hey, I’m interested you can’t you see’. The interesting thing is there are so many ways for the guy and girl to enter into a relationship.

Option one being the formal ‘would you be my girlfriend’.

But there is one thing that sets them apart that’s called ‘PAMALAE’.

In the metropolitan areas though, a less restrictive culture has been formed. In my opinion, it is just the right amount of affection that doesn’t scare you off as being too restrictive or for being too liberated.

I think these have more meaning than torrid kissing in public.

These basic PDA rules usually vary depending on where you live and are based mostly on what the community views as acceptable rather than some national law.

Filipino dating culture strongly revolves around the cell phone-calling and texting the one you are interested in multiple times a day is a must.