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Real estate dating

Selling a property can be a lot like dating – there will be successes, failures and nerves involved, but ultimately it's how you present yourself and your agency that can make or break the relationship.

Has your approach to dating and your role in real estate taken on an uncanny resemblance?

As an agent selling real estate you need to be comfortable making the first move by proactively reaching out to potential clients, but you should also be actively looking for marketing opportunities so that clients come to you.

Perhaps you have examples of when a client made the first move and asked you out?

The disgraced former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer is a dating real estate tycoon, it has been revealed.

The 58-year-old's new love interest is Roxana Girand, 46, the founder of Sebastian Capital, a firm which leases and manages around 3.5 million square feet of New York area real estate, according to Page Six.

After you’ve got their number and set a time to meet, it’s time to put your game face on.

The aim of the first date when it comes to selling real estate is to ensure you get a second date or, in this case, the listing.

Keep it mellow, however: a phone call within 48 hours of the appraisal is worthwhile and if they’re not ready, stay in touch and keep their number in your database.