Start Real life cam logins

Real life cam logins

You will see the opponent will change to lower ones.

Once ready to go, get to 1st place as quickly as possible and try to slow the bot's down, either spin them out or park in sharp bends / chicanes and stop them passing.

It's normally much better to race Endurance races offline, before going to the Endurance event go offline (aeroplane mode), if you've already started an Endurance race online, exit back to the main menu, if your logged into FB / G / Weibo, goto settings and logout, then force close, go offline and relaunch RR3, bots should now be offline ones.

Once ready to go, don't undo the lowing work by setting a good distance, instead once passed the 1st marker, park up (tilt B) and wait for the timer to count down.

Each time you run an Autocross event, set a slow time of of 4th or less, either retry or continue and re-enter.

If you retry ignore the bot's names, that splash up before the race, they will be changed at the end of the race, you will notice, after each time of running, the target time is increased.

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Start the race, press go and leave the car is first gear, do not click repeat, as this will repeat the current race, against the same bot, instead choose continue, then either retry or continue and re-enter.