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Ryan reynolds isla fisher dating

In the park he gets down on his knee and pulls out a ring. She wanted him to tell her that when he had his "sh*t together".

He's a good-looking guy, but besides that it's hard to see what all these women see in him. Elizabeth Banks is Hayes' childhood sweetheart who breaks his heart.

The story of Will Hayes' love life is framed as a bedtime story to his daughter.

Will is going through a divorce and to help him and his daughter deal with it, Will tells her the story of his love life, leaving it up to her and the audience to figure out which of the women he will eventually marry; changing the names to keep his daughter guessing.

I guess that could be true if you hadn't watched any romantic comedies since Annie Hall.

Despite the overreaching ad blurbage and the distasteful product placement, this really is an entertaining and sweet movie.

Her boyfriend ditched her on her birthday so he could perform a gig so Will (out of guilt) decides to spend a night out on the town with her.

Emily takes a surprise visit to New York and Will and her go on a walk.

The hair, the costumes, the styles are all quite contemporary.