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And since they can earn money they become more independent and more picky than traditional woman. I think it’s a problem of culture, because when you’re a girl, your parents will teach you, OK, you don’t need to study well. And the disadvantage is, they have to do whatever their boyfriend wants or their boyfriend’s family wants if they think about getting married. They have to learn how to live alone and love themselves before they love somebody else. And some foreign guys know that they are valuable, more valuable than Vietnamese guys in Vietnam, and they take advantage of it. But it’s never been particularly difficult to meet people, I find, outside of Vietnam. And I’m not saying that I’m this man-magnet or anything, but you notice a very big difference. And they know that a Western girl is probably not going to do it. [Laughs] And she wouldn’t have a good understanding of the cultural values. I really don’t have anything to do with white guys any more.

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This is in no way meant to be indicative of feelings as a whole, either of different groups of people or of City Pass Guide. I broke up with my first boyfriend [when I was 18], and after that I didn’t date anyone until I was 25. I was 18 and I was dating for a few weeks, or a few months. When you meet girls here, do you usually approach them, or do they approach you? Maybe I wouldn’t do that in Brittany, because there might be, like, a 50% chance that the girl tells me she isn’t interested. So you think Vietnamese girls are more open to speaking with Western guys? Vietnamese girls like to make new friends and meet new people. And then he starts comparing Vietnamese and Thai women… Ok, what about his claims that the women here are more submissive, or that they’re more likely to please a man than other girls? We are talking about a country with 90 million inhabitants, so let say there are 45 million women in Vietnam. I’ve met many Vietnamese girls with more temperament than some of the Western girls I’ve met before.

Interviews have been edited for length and clarity, and some names have been changed for anonymity. And something started with a Vietnamese-American guy for only one month. And it was very different, yeah, because what can I say? It’s not like I didn’t want to be serious, but I was young, so I didn’t want to continue. I think I’m quite lucky that I, most of the time, I meet good guys. But then I had some friends who have a similar job to mine, but they don’t meet good guys, or they have to meet on Tinder. I’ve been out a lot and I’ve met many, many people and many guys. Do you think dating, just little things are different…

I'd like any recommendations for websites where American and other western men meet Vietnamese women.

I've seen but am not too impressed - although I've not signed up for a membership yet.

And after that, I started to know what a one-night stand is or I started dating and went to bed after one week or something, you know? Because there’s too many Vietnamese girls like this out there. They’re relatively okay-looking, and they still choose that option? We don’t want to put up with that [stuff] that our mothers put up with. A lot of Vietnamese women are quite independent and strong and will stand up for themselves, though. I had a friend Simon, and he always had really well-educated, hardworking women… [Laughing] What about his claim that having a relationship with a Western man is somehow more stable and safer than having a relationship with a Vietnamese man? I mean, it’s easier for a Vietnamese woman to get married to a Vietnamese guy, because they have the same culture.